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Parachute Hares Ear
The Ultimate Search Pattern

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Fly Patterns That Catch Fish

Trout Caught on Parachute Hares Ear Fly

At FlyDealFlies.com, we produce a lot of flies and fellow anglers who buy our flies, catch a lot of trout.  Over the years, we’ve put together a list of top producing flies that are proven to work.  This kind of information can be highly valuable to the fly fisherman in determining what flies to have in your vest.

This month we are starting out with Parachute Fly Patterns. We hope you enjoy and this information and take advantage of the special discounts available to buy the best valued flies online.  We’ve provided some exclusive Coupon Codes for our Facebook fans below.


Hare’s Ear Parachute

Parachute Hares Ear Fly

Top Benefits of a Parachute Hares Ear Fly

  • Ultimate Search Pattern
  • Has Best Chance to Catch Fish Anywhere
  • Floats High and Dry

The Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph is likely one of the most productive search patterns in all of fly fishing.  When the fly is modeled into a parachute pattern, the same effect happens.  This fly can be fished during any hatch and catch fish.  It can also be fished any time there isn’t a hatch and will catch any fish willing to feed on the surface.  The hare’s ear is a coarse fiber and when tied on the shank of a fly hook, it resembles any bug on the water.  It will not fool selective trout looking for a specific bug, but it will fool almost any hungry trout.  This is why the Hare’s Ear Parachute is such a great pattern to throw when you first get on the river, or when you can’t seem to find what they are feeding on.  This is a confidence pattern!


Tips on Fishing The Hare’s Ear Parachute

Fly Fishing Parachute Hares Ear

#1 – Great for beginners - The nature of this pattern makes this one of the best fly patterns for beginners or any other skill of fly angler that is looking to catch fish, but is unable to figure out the specific hatch or lack thereof.  You can throw this pattern all day and have good chances to catch good numbers of fish in all sizes.

#2 – Fish Faster Water -  In still or slower waters, the fish have a good amount of time to see the fly, examine it, take it out on a date, and then decide if they want to eat it or not.  In faster water, the fish feed more off of reaction and tend to follow the rule, “eat first, and deal with the consequences later”.  This works in favor of this pattern and can mean the difference between a 2 fish day and a 20 fish day.

#3 – Recommended Sizes – The most productive pattern sizes are a size 16 and a size 20.

Hares Ear Parachute

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 The Top 5 Parachute Fly Patterns:

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#1 - Parachute Hopper -
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Black Ant Parachute

#2 -  Black Ant Parachute
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Parachute Hares Ear

#3 - Parachute Hare’s Ear
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 Parachute Royal Coachman

#4 – Para Royal Coachman
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Buy Parachute Adams Dry Fly

#5 - Para Adams
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